Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Generation ON empowers Youth in USA to raise awareness and fight hunger What will you bring to the table?  In a country that wastes 40% of its food, 1 in 5 children are affected by hunger. Some children are given every opportunity to reach beyond the stars and achieve their fullest potential while others suffer--often silently--from empty, aching stomachs. Going to bed and waking up hungry affects a child's education, well-being, happiness, and long-term health. Child hunger in the United States is a complicated, prevalent and hidden problem striking in communities across the nation. Finding a solution requires boundless compassion and creativity--like those of a child.

What Will You Bring to the Table? engages and empowers this country's greatest asset, it's youth, to bring their ideas, skills, friends, and time to the table to make sure each child grows up stronger, healthier, happier, and always reaching higher.

GenerationOn provided mini-grants to support 'What Will You Bring to the Table?' service projects.  Projects will bring youth to the table to conduct service activities that address the issue of child hunger in the United States.

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