Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ebay connected to the UN World Food Programme, School Feeding

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For kids around the world, it's time to go back to school. Are you shopping for school supplies and more? From August 19th through August 25th, you can help World Food Program USA send kids in developing countries back to school ready to learn when you check out on eBay. We're partnering with eBay's charity fundraising program, eBay Giving Works to raise awareness and funds to provide nutritious school meals to kids in need around the world.

Here's how you can participate and support us:
  • SHOP: Go to WORLD FOOD PROGRAM USA's nonprofit profile page on eBay and buy items that have designated 10-100% of the sale price to World Food Program USA. From August 19th through August 25th, when you buy anything on, you can make a donation to our Back to School campaign during check out.
  • FAVORITE US: Go to WORLD FOOD PROGRAM USA's nonprofit profile page on eBay and click the "Save as Favorite" button. Now you'll be prompted to donate to us every time you buy or sell something on eBay.
  • SELL: Have items lying around your house that you don't know what to do with? Make extra money by selling them on eBay and donating 10-100% of the proceeds to us. Start here to learn how to sell through eBay Giving Works. Plus, when your item sells, you will get a tax donation receipt for the donated portion of your proceeds.
  • DONATE: Go to WORLD FOOD PROGRAM USA's nonprofit profile page on eBay and click on the "Donate Now" tab to make an immediate donation to World Food Program USA using PayPal. No buying or selling required.
We're so thankful for your contributions, no matter how big or small. And remember, we're on eBay year round, so you can buy, sell or donate anytime to support our work to solve global hunger.

Thank you,

World Food Program USA Team
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

WALK THE WORLD OKC 2013: Fighting hunger with your feet


"This event has the potential to bring awareness that every day we lose 25,000 people to hunger. More than many of the critical diseases combined. And we can win this battle." - Josette Sheeran (Executive Director WFP)

In 2012, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) brought food to 75 million people in 75 countries. Every day, the WFP takes the necessary steps towards giving people hope and a future. In 2012, TNT Express  celebrated it's 10 year partnership with the WFPTNT celebrated this partnership by raising awareness and funds to end hunger.  TOGETHER WE CAN TAKE A STEP to end hunger.

Walk the World is the world’s largest annual global fundraising event and was first launched by TNT in 2003.  Walk the World is a global advocacy and fundraising event to end child hunger. Taking place across 24 time zones in 24 hours, the day aims to put a spotlight on the problem of child hunger. Before the 2012 Walk, Walk the World  had mobilized over two million participants and fed over 200,000 children in school.
The aim of Walk the World is threefold:
a. To raise awareness about hunger and WFP's work,
b. To create employee engagement among TNT, Unilver and DSAM, and
c. To raise funds for WFP's school feeding problem.

The TNT walks funds are used to support WFP's School Feeding Programme in Nicaragua, Cambodia, The Gambia, Tanzania and Malawi.  

 WALK THE WORLD OKC 2012  A Grass roots Walk the World Event.  Casady YAC teens have sponsored OKC Walk the World since 2006.  In 2012 because the walk was after school ended, the Casady YAC sponsored a virtual walk.  Proceeds of Walk the World OKC have gone to WFP's School Feeding Programs in Bangladesh or where most needed.  OKC Walk the World Walks have also fundraised for the Regional Food Bank, Food -4-Kids Program. Supporting organizations of Walk the World OKC walks have been: United Nations of Greater Oklahoma, International Day of Peace Festival,  Respect Diversity Foundation, and Peace House members.

WHO ORGANIZED WALK THE WORLD OKC 2012?  Casady Service-Learning Program in collaboration with the United Nations Association of Greater Oklahoma.  Contact:;  405-520-1325  or;;

WHEN? WHERE? : At a convenient time and place for you  on June 1st or 2nd, official days for Walk the World Walks

HOW? : Walk, speed walk, run, bike, swim, dance alone or with friends

WHY? : Awareness of WFP SCHOOL MEALS, FEE A CHILD for a year through WFP School meals

Consider a tax deductible contribution. Make checks payable to:

World Food Program USA, School Meals - Walk the World OKC 2012 
$50 = a child with WFP school meals for a year.
.25 cents, one quarter=a child receives WFP cup with food.
Send checks to:
World Food Program USA
1819 L Street, NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036

Online donations! Visit World Food Program USA 


Play Freerice and feed the hungry
Free Rice: Play & Donate Rice

4 Questions,  Feed a Child a warm meal : Test your hunger IQ, then challenge your friends:



Hunger in the USA,  Hunger in OKC?


Donate your time and/or money to our Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma  See what Casady teens do on a yearly basis for our Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma:  Casady Cans Do-Teens Against Hunger:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Generation ON empowers Youth in USA to raise awareness and fight hunger What will you bring to the table?  In a country that wastes 40% of its food, 1 in 5 children are affected by hunger. Some children are given every opportunity to reach beyond the stars and achieve their fullest potential while others suffer--often silently--from empty, aching stomachs. Going to bed and waking up hungry affects a child's education, well-being, happiness, and long-term health. Child hunger in the United States is a complicated, prevalent and hidden problem striking in communities across the nation. Finding a solution requires boundless compassion and creativity--like those of a child.

What Will You Bring to the Table? engages and empowers this country's greatest asset, it's youth, to bring their ideas, skills, friends, and time to the table to make sure each child grows up stronger, healthier, happier, and always reaching higher.

GenerationOn provided mini-grants to support 'What Will You Bring to the Table?' service projects.  Projects will bring youth to the table to conduct service activities that address the issue of child hunger in the United States.